A compendium of PPC things which would otherwise be consigned to a dark and dreary twilight existence in oblivion or the halls of Mandos Google Cache. Rejoice and be merry that they yet live!

The Original Series

Rehosted Spin-offs

This table is sortable, and by default is listed by agent name. Agents are listed in alphabetical order except in cases where one is clearly the lead character. Spin-offs are named by title when possible; if there is no title, they're called by the agents' response center; if no RC number is given, they're called by the agents' names. Authors are listed in alphabetical order regardless of who wrote which agent.

Response Center 44Aerilyn and ZeraDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionArtemis
The Last Word Is Always GoodbyeAmy and BrentDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionAnyAmy
Response Center 642Archer and SabbatDFFynn
Intelligence Briefs for the PPCArchiteuthisDoIArchiteuthis
Response Center 87Cocoa and Powder PuffDMSE&RAnamia
Dee and MilaskDee and MilaskDBS, Harry Potter DivisionDeepy and Leto Haven
The DAVD FilesDour KDAVDKatherine the Great
All-Purpose Department of Fire EmblemEcho and KatAPD, Fire Emblem DivisionEcho
Response Center 1134Elania and SarahDBSAnamia
A Walk-on Part in the WarEllipsis and ScargDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionElise
It's Another PPC Series!Emma and KateDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionPureDeadThingy
The Many Adventures of Maralys and ErinErin Mirestone and Maralys DeeppocketsDFLaurelil
Just Another PPC AgentFireblade and KeitaroDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionFireblade K'Chona
Bad Roleplay DepartmentHalley and TaliaBRDArtemis and Bodldops
Response Center 9843Hawthorne and KeyDICAdagio
Ilarian and VanielaIlarian and VanielaDMS, Freelance DivisionIlarian
Karasunaki and Mariella's PPC Response Center!Karasunaki and MariellaDFKarasunaki and Mariella
Response Center PhiKatrina and SamuelDMS, Freelance DivisionMakari
Kazra and RichKazra and RichDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionKazraGirl
Response Center 1113Kwennyfer and JaneDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionLumarele
Special Interdepartmental Elven Languages UnitLambdaSIELUHellga
Agents Luthy and Sil: PPCersLuthy and SilDMS, Lord of the Rings DivisionGwenElf and Luthienelflover
Response Center 133.67Martin and FrancesDFAnamia
Tales from DespatchMeg and WillDespatchMeg Thornton and Will
The Adventures of Melissa and BriRiMelissa and BriRiDMS, Harry Potter DivisionLeoD
The Jay and Acacia Kooky Spin-off Nerd SocietyNenya and RosieDMONenyaQuende and Rosie
Response Center 5719Ryni and TirsaerDFAdagio
Response Center 2771aSuicide, Diocletian, and IthalondDMS, Freelance DivisionTungsten Monk
Response Center 1999Teena and WyldeHorseDMS, Anime DivisionTeena M and WyldeHorse

Other Rehosted Records

The 2008 Mary Sue Invasion Role-play LogThe 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic ends only for the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion to begin. Agents battle for their lives in the halls of Headquarters, in the Cafeteria, and finally, in the Tomb of the Unknown PPC Agent.
The 2009 Memorial Party Role-play LogAgents gather to honor the one-year anniversary of the 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic and Mary Sue Invasion.
Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology and DivisionsStories about DoSAT and its divisions.
The PPC HandbookBefore we had a wiki, we had the PPC Handbook. Contains descriptions of departments, Flowers, and PPC procedures.
The PPC Manual: Second EditionHuinsoron and Neshomeh started the PPC Manual in 2006, also before we had a wiki, but then in late 2007 we got a wiki. The Manual was never finished, but it is nonetheless preserved here for posterity.

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