The Disturbing Acts of Violence Department. Commissioned by the PPC proper to investigate the increasingly heinous goings-on in the LotR continuum. Dour K and her fellow agents delve into the fandom's underbelly...


Mission 1 - "If I Die Before I Wake"
Meet the slightly disgruntled DAVD crew! Dour K visits "If I Die Before I wake," and ends up in an extraordinarily foul mood... WARNING: Deals with child abuse! *growl* [The Webmistress would like to see that growl, and double it.]
Mission 2 - "Killer in the Dark"
Dour K visits "Killer in the dark," wherein she must face many dead people (some of whom don't exist), a psychotic Elf, and plotholes galore... WARNING: Contains torture, murder, and Katharine's sick and twisted sense of humor. *nasty smirk*