1. Arrivals

This is the first part of the compiled and edited log of the 2009 Memorial Party role-play. It encompasses the original post and the first two strings, concerning the beginning of the party and the arrival of the first guests. The writing in this section comes from the following Boarders:

  • Leto Haven (Leto Haven)
  • WikiMaster (Leto and Jane Haven [on loan for the RP])
  • Khajidu (Agents Krisprolls, Whatever, and South)
  • Wingnut (Agent Deryn)

Original Post

"Welcome to all that wish to remember our fallen comrades," said Leto. "They would want us to remember them with joy, instead of sorrow. Here's a glass of *beverage of choice* to them. Now, let's party!"

[[ OOC: Leto and his wife Jane are open to anyone who wants to use them (the owners of the store). Leto is an average modern-day human from Canada and Jane is a Dragon from the Rifts universe. Jane can be whatever form she wants to be, she also has a tremendous amount of magical energy.

[[ The staff of the store are minis from the various continua. Head of Staff is Smeagul the mini-Balrog. He likes shiny things.

[[ I will be posting under the name of Milask for the rest of this thread. So whatever you do with Leto and Jane is canon. Their children (the triplets) are off-limits. Anything else goes. (Please, don't make Jane want to divorce Leto!!!) ]]

Strings 1 & 2

Leto Haven, owner of the PPC General Store, was having an unanticipated good day. The flow of agents was more tranquil (if it could be called that) than it had been in recent years. He had also managed to scrape out more time for his beloved wife and children.

Being genre savvy, he didn't inquire about the cause of this fortunate turn of events. Best not to catch the Ironic Overpower's attention, he thought. He told himself to enjoy it while he could, because like all things, it wouldn't last for long. He began to wash the counter, humming to himself as he did so.

Agents began coming in large numbers, ready to commemorate their deceased friends and companions. Since he was the one who suggested that his store should be the site for said commemoration, it was not unexpected. He made himself ready to welcome them.

As long as there were many people at one place, Krisprolls was happy. Now, Krisprolls was very happy. He approached the very large crowd near the store. "Hey, people! What are you here for?"

Some guy in the store explained to him they were here to commemorate the first anniversary of the Mary Sue Invasion.

"Oh, I heard about that. Wish I was there. So many Sues to kill." Krisp was getting excited at the idea.

"Krisp, why do you always have to be so direct with people, this is just beyond me."

"You're aging too fast, What'. You're turning Vulcan."

"Vulcan? Stop that, or I'll call you Bono in front of everybody here."

"Do that, and you're a very dead man."


"South, is it just me, or you already lost your brains?"

"What brains? None of us has brains, you know that, Whatev. Especially me."

"Krisp..." What' was glaring at him. Yes, he was turning Vulcan.

They spent the next three minutes bantering when the guy in the store interrupted.

"Oh, I see you're this Infernal Trio I keep hearing about. Welcome to the PPC. I'm Leto. This is Jane. And these are the minis. Don't mind the madness here. Well, I guess it matches your own."

"Thanks. Hello, there!"

"We're already famous? Krisp? Care to explain?"

"There ain't nothing to explain, What. Just usual Krisp stuff."

What' was Not Amused. Leto wasn't either.

Jane said, "Would you like some cloth-and-plastic roses to commemorate the fallen? They're free, even the black and Anti-Lustin ones. We also have other cloth-and-plastic flowers, if you'd like..."

"Why not," said Whatever. "Krisp, South, you can take some too."

They did.

"And Krisp, if you could avoid saying something stupid this time."

"Like what? 'If only I'd been there,' for example? Like being there mattered! It didn't last time! You kept saying that, but it didn't! I was there and..."

"Krisp, I wasn't thinking about that!"

"Krisp, are you OK?"

"Uh, well, yes, I guess so, well, doesn't matter, I'm OK now."

"Well, I'll take the white ones. Sorry, Krisp is being unstable today, I don't know what happened. Krisp, are you OK?"

What' took three white roses and gave one each to South and Krisprolls.

"Well, I feel a bit better now. Thanks, What' and South."

Deryn peered over at the roses. "Poppies is more traditional," she remarked. "Or rosemary."