A Little Introduction and Various Feedback-y Stuff

This is the new second home (my LiveJournal being the original) of the ongoing adventures of Raphael Sabbat and William Archer – PPC agents, magicians, assassins, spies, PIs and general oddballs.

Here you will find PPC missions and interludes (that being the main purpose of the site), as well as a few sections from my ongoing fantasy novels (the Saranados series: Saranados, Requiem for the Moon and A Dragon of Blood, as well as the rather inexplicable Black Roses).

Be warned, this site does contain slash (and femmeslash), so if you don't like that sort of thing, I'd recommend hitting the back button right about now.

If you're still reading this, I guess you don't mind it. That's good... because there's gonna be quite a lot of it. Nothing above a 15 rating, though (for the moment), since I'm ridiculously bad at writing that sort of stuff.

There's also going to be violence, swearing, and dark themes – but isn't that what you'd expect from a fantasy? Although again, nothing above a 15 rating.

So, now that that's over and done with, come in and have a look around. I promise you'll find something to interest you (I hope).


© Fiona Mclellan 2008

Editor's Notes

Unfortunately, two interludes are missing from this spin-off, titled "Interlude" and "Glorious Twenty-Fifth Day/Towel Day Interlude" respectively. They were only hosted on Fynn's LiveJournal, which was friends-locked and subsequently deleted, so as far as I know there's no way to get those back.

Also, I wasn't able to recover any of the Saranados material from the Freewebs site, but Fynn (a.k.a. Gentleman Anachronism) has a TV Tropes page about the series and a deviantART account with writing for the series. Enjoy!