Welcome to the world of the PPC, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum. This was first started by the original agents, Jay and Acacia, and is continued through many different agents, Kat and I included. To get a good feel of the orginal series, you can read them at [or].

Kat and I don't own anything of the PPC, those belong to Jay and Acacia, and we also don't own anything from the Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken series, which is a good thing, as we'd be royally ticked if we did.

>As a side note, please don't be offended if you see your story here. More than likely, it was a Mary Sue, as we have a lot of those. That doesn't mean all Sue authors are bad writers, it's just the Sues that are generally evil. Indeed, I've seen many authors that I thought would do really well with original works. Then again, I also see many writers that think that slapping fifty words together in ten minutes makes for a good read.

For those of you that don't know, a Sue is an original character (usually an insertion of the author) that:

-Has a romance with one or more characters
-Is usually either very shy or very spirited
-Usually has an angsty past
-Is always very beautiful (though every once in a while has a "mysterious scar")
-And often is very powerful, though they often need their lust object to save them.
-Usually causes the canon characters to act unlike themselves (in other words, out of character)

Females are Mary Sues, males are called Gary Stus.

Oh, and just so you all know, the tactician is not there to be the romantic focus of your lust object! I have yet to read a tactician romance that is not Mary Sue/Gary Stu-ish. Every "tactician" ever is an original character, meaning you make up everything about him/her/it; gender, personality, background, looks, etc. The only thing that remotely resembles the Tactician of the game is that the OC is now doing the tactician's job, only now they have time to flirt as well. And then Kat and I have to go find the real tactician, and it's all a big headache for us. Plus, it's been done to death. Try something a little more original.

If you do wish to flame me, please be decent enough to make it readable, not some sloppy "U suk, my story iss gr8, grr, die u!" Kat seems to think that those are the funniest things in the world and will read them several times for kicks, but I normally ignore them. Kat is also in the process of adopting a mini from OFURK, so the flames, after we're done with them, will be used as a play-toy for the mini-dragon.

All reviews, constructive criticism, and, if you absolutely must get it out of your system, flames, can be sent to echokazul@msn(dot)com.


Mission 1 - "A Ryder's Legacy"
Echo and Kat find a Sue, cousin to Eliwood and master of fencing and martial arts.
Mission 2 - "A Tale of Two Stories"
In which one mix-up, two stories, three Sues, and four agents equal one really big headache for Echo.
Mission 3 - "Trap for the Heart"
The first of many Tactician romances. Echo and Kat battle punctuation storms, Kat finds an arch-nemesis, and Echo calls in for reinforcements.

Mission 4 - "Bad Slash 101"
Echo gets a little Bad Slash training. With Karel.
Mission 5 - "Usagi's Tale"
While Echo's away, Kat will play! Indescribable secretaries, a hungry mini-dragon, and a powerful princess Sue, that's enough to keep even her busy!
[Sadly, I can't find this mission anywhere. If you can, let me know! —Ed.]
Interlude 1 - "Diary of the RBWPOON"
Kat finds a mysterious journal that delves into the lives of those Random Bandits Who Pop Out Of Nowhere.
[Coming Eventually!]