We have learned that there is need for a new department.

If you can imagine a sunflower could sound tired, this one did. Of course, the Sunflower Official was no ordinary plant. He waved one broad green leaf towards his companion, an unusually large and bright yellow daffodil.

You wish to accept promotion to head of this new department? the SO asked calmly.

Yes, yes of course! The Daffodil sounded a good deal excited. At least, he was nearly fluttering in what seemed to be an excited way. He was perhaps a bit too eager to be signing on to a new job that he had only just heard of. He had been only an agent, and now he was going to be the head of a department! This was indeed excellent.

Er, what is this new department, anyway? the Daffodil asked finally.

Oh yes. The SO nodded, which was oddly a gesture that seemed natural. It has come to our attention that there is a whole other world in which canon has found itself under constant assault. These writers are of a different breed, but not too much unlike those we are used to. This new department shall be the Bad Roleplay Department, the SO said decisively.

Bad Roleplay Department... The Daffodil seemed thoughtful. It was somewhere to start, so he was not going to complain, but this sounded different from what he had expected.

Indeed. You shall have a bit of work to do organizing your department, but I have full confidence in you. The SO nodded again. First of all, you shall need agents. I have the first two already chosen, if they accept, of course. I'll call them up now.

Halley and Talia's PPC Stories

Story 1 - "Arathorn Did Not Have a Daughter"
An AU fic goes horribly wrong. Aragorn, Arwen, and Boromir are kidnapped, and replaced with Sues. Canon violations abound and the agents find themselves in particularly unusual disguises. Written by Bodldops and Artemis.
Story 2 - "The Misadventures of Talia"
It was just destined to be one of those days... Talia finds herself in a very unusual situation. No weapon, no disguise, and no idea what she's getting into. Then the Sue shows up. When you add an odd turn of events and the DIA, things are bound to get interesting. Written by Artemis.