In the most blatant Tolkien rip-off yet, this page will house the Unfinished Tales to the Silmarillion of Origins.

Yes, this stems from Agent Dafydd being bored while Selene was off somewhere. You didn't know that he was an amateur (and we do mean amateur) historian, did you?

He gained access to the information contained herein by very cautious questioning of a variety of Flowers, and also through one brief trip into the Reports Archive. Yes, they do actually keep those things.

You may think that some of this information is slightly different to - or flatly contradicted by - that found in the Unofficial Reports of Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd (also known as 'The Original Series' and found here). Our only response to these allegations is as follows:


In full, that is 'It's not our fault if the Flowers lied to us'. We thank you for your time, and hope you enjoy reading these rather random Chronicles.

Agent Dafydd and Thanduril, DOGA

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