Interlude B.

(03/2010, directly after Mission 4)

Directly after Mission 4, and the fiasco that was two Agents completely failing to notice a period of first-person POV.

Not particularly pointful, but I am fond of continuity and that materia will come into play eventually.

Kat sat.

Kat was not particularly pleased about sitting, but she sat nonetheless, left arm extended, looking thoroughly annoyed with life in general. In fact, she probably would have gotten up and left if not for three minor details.

First, there was a mini-liger sitting on her lap, and Kat was always wary of things with sharp claws, especially close to sensitive bits.

Second, her partner was less than two feet away, and watching her every move. She had no doubt he’d catch her the second she even thought about fleeing.

And third, Doctor Fitzgerald was busy removing a piece of materia from her arm. It was the unfortunate remnant of a mission in a ‘fic that had been mainly third-person, save for one annoying scene, which both she and Samuel had completely missed until she was in the middle of it.

The materia shouldn’t even have been there, given that it was Tales of the Abyss.

“I don’t even want to know how you managed that,” the good doctor sighed at length, finishing his work. “I take it you want this?”

Kat snatched the shimmering green sphere out of his hand. “Yes please!” she said, with some excitement, and immediately began trying to work out how one coaxed magic out of materia.

“Thank you,” Samuel said, shooing the mini off of Kat’s lap. It dug its claws in as it leapt off, bolting for the door and quickly vanishing into the depths of HQ, much as its friend had some minutes earlier. Kat bounced to her feet, muttered something that was part apology and part thanks, and dragged her taller and stronger partner out the door.

Once in the hallway, Kat turned to Samuel with an eager expression. “Can I have it now?”

Samuel sighed, and handed over a sword. It, too, was a relic of their last mission, and was seamlessly fused with another green orb. Kat took it happily, bouncing off down the hall with materia in one hand and sword in the other.

Sometimes, Samuel feared for his continued mental and physical health.