1.Where You Might Be Swept Off To
2.The Elder Days – LotR
3.Modern Magic – Potterverse
4.Pirates of the Caribbean
5.[Insert major fandoms here]
6.The Canon Library

1. Where You Might Be Swept Off To

A list of covered fandoms

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2. The Elder Days – LotR

Where the Elves don’t work for Santa

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3. Modern Magic – Potterverse

Brief Canon summary, common mistakes, and useful information

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4. Pirates of the Caribbean

A pirate’s life for everyone, it seems

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5. [Insert other major fandoms here]

[Chapter blurb]

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6. The Canon Library

Source material and where to find it

It is often necessary for PPC Agents to have access to the original stories – be they books, films, games or whatever – that their assigned fandoms sprung from. The most obvious use is for exorcisms, but they can be used for checking facts, for reinforcing knowledge of Canon, or simply for entertainment.

To this end, the Canon Library was set up. It is located somewhere in HQ, and apparently contains every source of Canon ever created. We say “apparently,” as the Librarian refuses to allow anyone to enter. However, he seems to have an encyclopaedic memory, and can thus provide the required canon within seconds. All you have to do is ask.

Before you ask, no, we have no idea who or what he is either. But he likes the dark.