Hello, and welcome to the Mary Sue Department of the PPC, Anime Division.

Here you will find the mission reports of Teena and WyldeHorse, where they take on anime badfic.

Some of you might recognize Teena from the Official Fanfiction University of X, located here, or WyldeHorse from the Official Fanfiction Collegium of Valdemar, located here.

So, without further ado, I bring you the mission files of Agent Teena and Agent WyldeHorse, the cursed part-time PPC agents.


Mission 1 - "Captured by the Breeze"
Agents Teena and WyldeHorse take on a Warrior-wannabe Sue who joins the Tantei in the Yu Yu Hakusho universe.
Mission 2 - "Lemony Eggnog"
Our two agents brave the horrors of a bad lemon, in which Yu Yu Hakusho is crossed over into Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kurama is set upon by yet another Sue, and Serenity is possesed.


"Those Who You Don't Notice"
A short one-shot based in the PPC. The halls of the PPC HQ are always so clean—how do they stay that way, with all the damage the agents do?