Neshomeh's Note: This section of the archive is a little different. It's an Infrastructure department, so they're not missions, but stories, in chronological order as far as I can tell. Because it's a set of records for a whole department, there are several characters involved and several writers at work. Furthermore, there might even be NEW content here once in a while, so keep an eye open.

DoSAT Stories

Story 1 - "Tess's Backstory" by Delta Juliette
How Tess came to the PPC.
Story 2 - "Techno-Dann's Backstory" by Delta Juliette
When Dann joins DoSAT, he faces more than just weird technology.
Story 3 - "Another Tess Story" by Delta Juliette
Tess is abducted by her original author and must fight for survival.
Story 4 - "The Last Hurrah" by WarriorJoe
What happened to Makes-Things during the 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic.
Story 5 - "The Makes-Things Fund for Abused Technology" by Cassie Cameron-Young
Good intentions are misunderstood and the messenger is almost shot, stabbed, and bludgeoned.

A/V Division Stories

Editor's Note: Originally this was the A/V Department. It has since become a division of DoSAT, hence its inclusion here. I have not changed any instances of "department" to "division" inside the text of these stories; only outside.

Story 0 - Trailer! by French Pony
I've always liked trailers. And I was procrastinating at work, and, well, this was the result.
Story 1 - Sunrise Elf by French Pony
Adam and Frenchie are put on Emergency Mary Sue Duty during the 2003 Mary Sue Invasion.
Story 2 - A Different Flame by French Pony
Hear ye, hear ye! The Balrog Sue has been PPC'd for your reading pleasure.