This contains the compiled and edited log of the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion role-play, which took place between April 20 and 24 on the PPC Posting Board (set April 17 in-universe). The post titles from the original thread are archived here. Part 1 also includes the very end of the Macrovirus Epidemic, which was role-played starting on April 17 (set April 8-16 in-universe). Sadly, the original RP was lost.

The log has been given a light editing treatment to correct spelling errors, spacing and paragraphing errors, incorrect capitalization, etc. To improve the flow (such as it is) and aid comprehension, a few posts have been merged with others by the same author or placed in a different order from that in which they originally appeared. The parts are in approximate chronological order, and I have added helper links and sometimes a line of explanation in places where one string mentions an event that happened in a different string. It is possible to read the log straight through using the site's standard back/next navigation or to jump around using the helper links.

Role Play Log

Part 1: "Return to HQ"
In which the macroviruses are eliminated, the Sues invade, and a plan to deal with the invaders is made.
Part 2: "Battle Without Honor or Humanity"
Primarily follows Agents Murtagh, Titus, Kim, Ansela, and Risa. Includes a cameo from Guilty Cin and the discovery that a sharp shock ends Sue mind control of agents.
Part 3: "Pro Libertate"
Primarily follows Agents Lucien, July, and Library on their way to the Cafeteria and the Tomb.
Part 4: "Reinforcements From OFUR"
In which Agents Laburnum, Foxglove, Stormsong, Skyfire, and Drake come to help out.
Part 5: "The Battle of the Cafeteria"
In which a trap for the invading Sues is sprung.
Part 6: "The Search for Sabbat"
Primarily follows Agents Archer, Anjilly, and Brenden, on their way to finding Archer's partner Sabbat.
Part 7: "Legitimate Medical Procedure"
In which Medical deals with what comes its way.
Part 8: "The Massacre at the Tomb"
In which the final battle of the Invasion is won.