4. Reinforcements From OFUR

This is the fourth part of the compiled, spliced, and edited log of the “2008 Mary Sue Invasion” role-play. It follows Agents Laburnum, Foxglove, Drake, Naomi, Skyfire, and Stormsong as they respond to the Sub Rosa's message. The writing in this section comes from the following Boarders:

  • Laburnum (Agents Laburnum, Foxglove, Skyfire, and Stormsong)
  • Kitsune106 (Agents Drake and Naomi)

At the Official Fanfiction University of Redwall

Laburnum pressed a button on the monitor. Sub Rosa vanished and the worried whiskery faces of Stormsong and Skyfire appeared.

“You got all that?” Laburnum asked. They nodded.

“I assume we’re going in?” Foxglove asked, hopping from foot to foot impatiently. “C’mon, let’s hunt some Sue!”

“Of course we are,” Skyfire said firmly, drawing her sword and saluting.

“You don’t have to come in, guys,” Laburnum said. “You didn’t sign up to the PPC for this, and the kids need you.”

“Why the heck wouldn’t we come in? It’s not like we’re not used to combat! Besides, if HQ’s overrun, the OFUs will be next!” Skyfire said indignantly. “I’m coming, no arguments.”

“So am I,” Stormsong insisted. “I need to protect thee, Foxglove, thou dost still owe me money!”

Laburnum and Foxglove grinned and raised their fists in salute.

“Thanks, guys.”

The monitor flicked off. The assassins looked at each other.

“Well, with them along we’ve got some ready-made bait,” Foxglove mused. “Cute, fluffy, cuddly bait ...”

“Don’t even think about saying that in front of them.”

Drake stuck his head in.

“Did I hear you said Sues? if so, I want to join...”

“Oh hell yeah!” said Foxglove, producing a crossbow, a set of bolts, and her badger-made sabre, which she had dubbed Choppy. (As she had explained when questioned, she knew full well a duelling sabre is not a chopping weapon, but she already had a dagger called Stabby, Slicey didn’t roll off the tongue very well, and she could just forget Slashy without going into too much detail.) “Backup and more bait!”

“What?” asked Naomi, poking her head round the door as well.

“Never mind,” said Laburnum quickly, picking up a belt full of daggers and a small but extremely sharp axe. “Let’s just get ready and go ...”

They portalled into HQ to find Skyfire already there, standing very stiff and twitching her whiskers like a meerkat sentry.

“Hey, Sky. Where’s the weasel, did he decide to stay behind and watch the kids?”

“I am here, hast thou no eyes?” came a disembodied voice from behind them. The other agents yelped in unison as Stormsong peeled himself away from the wall. It’s very hard to see a grey-furred weasel wearing grey clothes against a grey wall. They noticed he had two long daggers in his belt.

“Whoo! Sorry, I forgot about that particular one of your skills – captain of the Nighteye section, master of disguise.” Laburnum saluted with a grin. The weasel nodded.

“I can smell a high concentration of Sues over there,” Skyfire said, pointing down the corridor. “I don’t think they’re moving towards us now, but they will be soon. Shall we go and beat them to it?” She grinned.