Welcome to Response Center #44, current residence of Agents Aerilyn and Zera, two more agents fighting the good fight against the worst of the worst – the Mary Sues.

The fight is against bad-fic, and there is apparently no end in sight. However, the agents struggle onwards, despite little pay, too much work, and a definite lack of Bleepka.

Why, you ask? There is a plot which must be protected, and in the name of good-fic everywhere, the world of fan-fiction must be defended.

Do we hate all fan-fic? Of course not. We just don't like Mary Sues, the disgustingly beautiful, amazingly talented, and stunningly witty original characters and completely un-canonical situations which they inevitably create.

So, with all due permission granted, we present to you the tales of our ventures into the native habitat of the Mary Sue. Go forth boldly, agents!

—Agent Aerilyn and Agent Zera