Response Center #133.67

Welcome to Response Center #133.67, home of Agent Marin Carlini and Frances-the-intern. Martin is out on a mission now, or possibly just out, while Frances is either with Martin or doing whatever it is that interns do at HQ. Martin invites you to stay, though he warns you to please refrain from tormenting Riven, the mini-Reaver. While she's normally harmless, she has been known to bite ankles of people who bother her, and her teeth are sharp. The 'Keep Out' sign on the weapons cabinet is there for a reason, and it is suggested that you respect it if you wish to leave this room with all of your limbs intact.

Inhabitants of Response Center #133.67

Martin Carlini

Martin Carlini: being a Twilight-verse vampire, Martin is pale-skinned and, according to human standards, quite attractive. He is punctiliously polite, even occasionally to lesser ’Sues, and several agents with whom he comes into contact cannot understand this in the least. However, he loathes his continuum of origin with a passion, and refuses to discuss it with anyone, preferring to let others think that the background given to him by FicPsych is his actual past. He carries a titanium feather duster when he can, though it is rarely if ever canonical, and so he usually has a pair of twin daggers instead.

Frances Grant

Frances Grant: the image of a surly teenager, Frances knows perfectly well that the way he spells his name is typically the way girls do and doesn't care. He was deposited in HQ after his mother filled out an application for the post of intern in his name. Despite being excessively bitter about that, Frances is a relatively good intern, and he has been assigned to Agent Martin for training and, maybe, eventually promotion to the position of full-time agent.

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