One of the many departments in the PPC is the Department of Bad Slash. Slash is a tricky genre to play in. In order to make a slash couple seem reasonable and realistic, one must examine the aspects of both characters and try to find plausible reasons as to why they would be attracted to each other. Good slash is a joy to read, because it can often provide one with a new perspective on the characters. However, it is rare to find. Bad slash, however, is plentiful and when read, makes the readers' eyes bleed. They mangle the canon characters beyond recognition and have the characters do... tasks that they normally would not do under any circumstances. This is where the Department of Bad Slash comes in...

Follow the adventures of Agent Dee and Agent Milask as they venture into the murky depths of Harry Potter Slash. Read about the agents here.


Mission 1 - "Apologies and Past Mistakes"
The first assignment, a Harry/Voldemort story, introduces the two agents to each other. And mid-assignment, the agents find themselves out of Bleeprin, oh the horror!
Mission 2 - "By Those He Trusted"
The agents find themselves teamed up with Agent Taboo of the Mpreg Subdepartment to battle the horror that is Mpreg. Lots of Bleeprin and looks of disgust ensue.
Mission 3 - "Son of..."
Faced with a LotR slash story, Milask ends up MIA, leaving Dee to deal with the mission. She receives help from Agent Alec of Improbabilities.