The Agents, Vol 3. – Totally Incompetent Idiots

Agent Emma was once part of the Mary Sue Dept., Sailor Moon Subdivision in the PPC. Expelled from this subdivision for leaving charge notes in a canon universe, she now works in the Lord of the Rings subdivision.

Her favourite things include writing and singing.

Her pet hates include Agent Kate and cold feet.

She enjoys chocolate but has coeliac disease, so can only eat things that don't have wheat in.

She wants to avoid the fabled PPC agents, but also wants to be greater than them. She would appreciate it if you left some Lord of the Rings Sues in her email so she can destroy them.

Agent Kate is a newbie. She is a bit scared of Emma but fights back with her pineapple obsession.

She enjoys chocolate but stays thin, which is one of the reasons Emma hates her.

She likes to be random.

Her pet hates include lying pineapple smoothies and Yannick (her ex-boyfriend who was a pineapple).