Compiled by me, Agent Lunar. Based it off Winterfox's Tolkienverse litmus test, Araeph's PotC one, and the Star Wars-Star Fox one at The Aerie. Use this so we won't have to rifle through thirty thousand MORE Suefics at FFN. Ta! ^_^

3pts if name requires phonetical diagramming to figure out pronunciation.
2pts if name coincides with that of a canon character. (Last names, make it four points.)
2pts if name totally contradicts good taste. (I've seen "Mithril" in Tolkienverse, which was stupid, but just imagine someone called "Durasteel." Yeah.)
6pts if name is the same as any one of your names/nicknames/handles.

Appearance/Physical Attributes
1pt if character is described as having eyes of any variation on the following colors (applicable only if said character is human): emerald green, sea green, sea blue, purple or violet, silver, yellow, orange, red, white. Up it to two points if character is odd-eyed (only Iceheart can do that), or eye color is a mix of any of the aforementioned. Come on, greenish-yellow? What kind of color is that?
6pts if character is a species that does not appear in the SW Continuum. (You've got enough to choose from, darnit. Or you could have your character be a Shi'ido and thus have it all.)
4pts if character is a hybrid of any two very unrelated species. (Human/near-human and near-human/different near-human are okay in plausible instances, however.)
3pts if character does not look their age for any reason. (Jedi skills count!)
4pts if the character's appearance is described excessively. (Hair and eyes count. Once a chapter is fine.)
5pts if character has attributes very unusual to their species. (Human with weirdly-colored eyes, see above; human with natural hair color that is not red, blonde, brown, black, or dishwater blonde, etc. Twi'lek with hair, make it eight points. Wookiee with red, black, blondish, or silver fur, make it six.)
10pts if character has a very unheard-of or made up Jedi ability, or magical powers that are NOT the Force. ("Control of the elements"? Give it a rest. Also applies to sensing evil, but not through the Force.)
3pts if your character sings at some point and it is not a Musical Fic.

Relationships and Background
4pts if related to a canon character by being offspring, long-lost sibling (make it five if twins), "real" mother/father, "adopted" mother/father. (Bail Organa's wife doesn't count, however.) Extra Skywalker Children get six points.
6pts if said canon character they're related to has no relatives, or the insertion is a third Sith. (Remember the Two Sith Only Rule. There are also only two Fetts; the clones don't count. There are only five or so Skywalkers - Shmi, Anakin, Luke, Mara, and little Ben. Leia too, technically. There are only seven or so Solos - Han, Thrackan, Thrackan's mom, Jacen, Jaina, Anakin, and Leia, technically.)
8pts if character causes improbable relations between two canons, e.g. Han/Mara. (This also includes slash. Most SW canons are straight.)
4pts if character is immediately trusted by Yoda, the Emperor, Vader, Mon Mothma, or any figure of authority.
5pts if character was put into suspended animation or some such during the Sith War and was reawoken during the Rebellion.
3pts if character has plot-device Cute Animal Friend. Add one point for every extra Friend.
6pts if character has a Tragic Past. Add two points if it includes any sort of abuse (e.g. orphanage, rape, child abuse, spousal abuse, etc). Add another one point if canons sympathize. Add three points if said canon helps character get over it. (Points are cumulative.)

Dundundunnnn... The PLOT
10pts if character is not originally from the Star Wars Universe. (Five extra points if their being summoned has to do with some sort of prophecy.)
8pts if character blatantly defames a canon character. Shooting down Han in an argument, Leia Usurping, Fett Bashing, making Luke more whiny than anyone can stand, etc. Points are cumulative if more than one occurrence.
10pts if character first hates a canon, then falls in love with them.
10pts for creating character ruptures. Those happen by making canons act very OOC. (Say, if you go up and glomp Darth Vader, he'd most likely Force-choke you. If he doesn't do that, you're either suffocating him, or he's got a character rupture bigger than I've ever seen.)
6pts if character is not originally from SWU, knows the story, but has only watched the movies. Minus two if your character has read more than one of the books. (Visual dictionaries count.) (Your character, not you, natch. But you'd have to have read all the books your char has, logically.)
4pts if character tries to reform villainous canons. Add two points if said villain is Darth Vader, because in such an instance, that would be Luke Usurping.
6pts if character has deus ex machina Mary-Sue jewelry. Add four points if it's "magical," has something to do with the Force, or her tragic past. Add another two if "it was a gift from her mother before she died."
8pts if character is involved in BS prophecies. (Alternative Chosen One, etc.)
10pts if character requires Jedi (or bounty hunter) guarding for any reason.

Most Possible Points: 211
0-20: Your character's fine. Go ahead with the plan.
21-35: Developing Sue. Proceed with utmost caution.
36+: You want to go home and rethink your fic! Otherwise the PPC'd be on you in six seconds flat.

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