Response Center Phi (1.61803399, etc.) is a fairly nondescript RC, like the rest; the two most prevalent adjectives are 'tiny' and 'gray'. And, when inhabited by too many minis, 'stuffed'.

The console may or may not object to people sitting on it. We recommend you don't try it. The rest of the technology seems normal thus far.

The current residents are as follows:

One human girl who is seriously considering registering Canon as her LO;

One human-shaped male who is working on his impulse control;

One ypur which is mostly content to laze around all day;

One miniature shape-shifting chameleon usually found on someone's shoulder;

and one mini-Harpy which enjoys screaming death threats at very high volumes.

It's been noted that leaving the girl alone with boredom, paint and paint brush is a very bad plan, right up there with allowing her sulphuric acid. One wall has now developed a pattern of water lilies.

Her partner really wishes he knew what to make of this.

If you've stumbled onto this site by accident, and have no idea what the PPC is, I recommend you check out the PPC Wiki.

Permission achieved November of 2008.

Enjoy, and feel free to drop me a line for any reason. (

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