You can reach Agent Luthy at and Agent Sil at Criticism is appreciated, laughter makes us smile, and chocolate will earn you a friend for life. Flames will be given to Arinis, one of Sil's characters, for practice.

Agent Luthy

Agent Luthy is a lot smarter and more creative than she thinks she is, and since the task of writing her bio has fallen to Sil, y'all are going to hear about it. She is an excellent writer who does fanfiction, original fiction, and RP...and she writes a great male character! She is also a seamstress who has created some beautiful costumes! Luthy is much more up-to-date than Sil when it comes to technology; even though she hasn't figured out PPC tech yet, we're all sure she will soon.

In addition to writing, Luthy also loves to read. She is a fan of Tolkien, and also Guy Gavriel Kay and many others that Sil can't think of right now. She not only reads for fun, but as a favour to her friends who need advice and editing. She has put up with some of Sil's terrible work for more than two years now and hasn't died yet. Apparently, she's Sue-resistant. Good thing, eh?

Agent Sil

Agent Sil thinks she's not good at much, but she's an amazingly creative person. She's great at writing – she has a fanfiction series that lots of people are "obsessed with", as well as a novel. And she won best RPer of the year on! And she's great at drawing and sewing, and she even loves to knit. Sometimes, when Luthy needs an illustration for something she's writing, since she's graphically deprived she'll torture Sil until she agrees to draw it for her. Sil also has fabulous taste in books – JRR Tolkien's are among her favorites, which just proves it, no? :P She thinks that her main character, Isilme, is a Sue despite everyone telling her she's wrong – she just likes to believe she's not as good as she really is. She's good at cheering you up when you're upset – she always knows the right thing to say. She also, however, knows exactly what to say to make a Sue weep. :P

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