Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, in particular Response Centers #5719 and #9843, home of several overworked and unpaid PPC agents! These agents regularly risk their lives, limbs, and sanity to protect various universes from the menace that is bad fanfic, slaying Mary Sues and exorcising Bad Slash Demons wherever they go. Of course, this job has resulted in a few regrettable tendencies such as paranoia, obsessiveness, and downright madness, but no one's perfect.

Come in, but watch your step...

Official Permission Given in 2007


Intro - "The Necromancer and the Weaver"
An introduction to the world of the agents, in which two assassins hold a brief conversation.
Mission 1 - "A Multitude of Minis"
The first mission, in which a Vampire!Sue is encountered and multiple minis are discovered.
Mission 2 - "Slaying the Slayer"
The second mission, in which another agent is encountered and Tirsaer returns home under less-than-ideal circumstances.
Mission 3 - "Bells, Books, and Candles"
In which an agent's Lust Object is bashed and an exorcism performed.
Mission 4 - "In the Most Unlikely Places"
In which there is revenge for a torn book.
Interlude 1 - "Descent Into HQ"
In which a recruit misunderstands and names are debated.
Mission 5 - "Learning the Knots"
In which a new agent is utterly confused.