In days long gone, when she was still known under secular name of Anna and wasn't yet employed by the PPC, Agent Lambda was a registered pharmacist.  Her specialty used to be cardiovascular drugs, but being submerged in the craziness that is PPC Headquarters, she has learned the importance of a variety of other pharmaceuticals.  She begged the Poison Ivy to allow her to use an adjacent room as a research laboratory.  Makes-Things graciously agreed to make some equipment for her, if only after having a cup of tea with the Poison Ivy.  Lambda promptly set to work on variety of drugs that would make the PPC agent's job a little easier.

Drug Information
The combination of Bleeprin, the wonder-drug of the PPC, and Benadryl.
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Injection guraranteed to relieve both acute and chronic lust.
Still in development.  A vaccine that could potentially save a talented writer from becoming a Suvian.