The Protectors of the Plot Continuum is a large organization, full of crazy agents, who yearn to tell the world about their incredible adventures.  Here some of them are hosted, and some that are hosted elsewhere are linked.

PPC Headquarters
Here you will find the charge lists, Mary Sue litmus tests, PPC Original Series, and wide variety of spin-offs to suit every taste.
[Link goes to the Odd Lots mirror hosted at The Multiverse Monitor by Huinesoron. —Ed.]
PPC Posting Board
Here you can talk to the agents taking a break from hunting Sues.
PPC Information Directory
The ever-growing PPC departments and agents directory, kept in order by the lovely Artemis.
PPC Flower Officials
See the Flower Officials in all their glory.  Photographed by the great NenyaQuende.

I host some of the stories for the people on the PPC board.  They can be found below.  Annotated by your humble servant.

"The Many Adventures of Maralys and Erin" by Laurelil (laureril1110@hotmail.com)
Definitely worth reading, if only for the most creative description of a thousand-year time jump.  A Kender from the Dragonlance continuum and a witch from Harry Potter were recruited by the PPC to save the world of Middle-earth from destruction by a part-Elf part-Hobbit Mari Baggins (whose true name is Silmarien Goldeneve), complete with a cute animal companion named Sillaluna.
Erin Mirestone's PPC ID card by Laurelil.  Front and back.
"Introduction" by LeoD (i_heart_LOTR@hotmail.com)
Gives you the necessary background information.  Definitely must be read by those with little knowledge of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum (PPC).
Chapter 1.  "Oliver Wood Is Not a Transvestite" by LeoD (i_heart_LOTR@hotmail.com)
Agent Melissa transfers from the Tolkien Division of the Department of Mary Sues to Harry Potter, and faces her new partner, BriRi, and their first mission to "Hogwartz" to save Oliver Wood from an unexplained sex change.
Chapter 2.  "Of Mice and Sues" by LeoD (i_heart_LOTR@hotmail.com)
Agents Melissa and BriRi dispatch another Heir of Voldemort wannabe, suffering multiple injuries in the process.