Welcome to the new online home of Agents Ilarian and Vaniela. They are from the TORC ( PPCers. What in the world does PPC stand for, you might ask? Protectors of the Plot Continuum, originally invented by Jay and Acacia, and it involves saving the world of Lord of the Rings fan-fiction from the thousands and thousands of horrible Mary-Sues infesting it.

A Mary-Sue, should you be lucky enough to have never run across one of these things, is the stereotypical 'perfect' character, either from 21st-century America or the product of some made-up un-canonical happening (such as being the fourth child of Elrond.) They are all beautiful, all exceedingly annoying, usually tag along with the Fellowship, and always fall in love with Legolas or another assorted canonical (barely) lust object.

Ilarian and Vaniela's mission, and that of all the other PPCers, is to destroy these things, and save Aragorn, Legolas, √Čomer, Faramir, Boromir, and whoever else might conceivably be lusted after (Sauron, dear?) from these things. Power to the PPC. All hail.

~Ilarian and Vaniela

P.S. If you see any really, really bad ones, IM them to Ilarian at PrincessIlarian and she will have a go.


You have arrived. Last chance to turn back....

So here they are. My beginning collection of PPCs, which I started because the sheer twitchiness of all the Sues I want to kill. So I started with one that was pretty easy to kill because it was so bad.

The PPC follows below. I only have one now but it will be more.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing at all. Tolkien owns Middle-earth. *bows.* Jay and Acacia own the PPC.

Mission 1 - "Regretts (spelling preserved)"
Mission 2 - "A Life Worth Living For"
Mission 3 - "Two Daughters"
Mission 4 - "How Can I Make you Understand?"


DISCLAIMER: Nothing, absolutely nothing, belongs to me. *sob*

Mission 1 - "New World"
Mission 2 - "Belle and the Pirate"