With all the new recruits arriving lately, we of the PPC have felt the need to re-issue our Instruction Manual in an updated form for the modern Agent. Those of you familiar with the old Manual (also known as the Handbook, despite the inaccuracy of this name – the Handbook is an entirely separate publication) will find many similarities. However, there are also a multitude of differences, and we strongly advise all Agents to re-read this edition. In an act of kindness, we have elected to give free copies of all 11 volumes to each and every Agent.

The volumes of this Manual are:

1.So You’ve Decided to Become a PPC Agent (In progress)
2.Plotholes and Flowers – Surviving HQ (Complete)
3.Department of What, Now? (In progress)
4.So We Were Stupid Enough to Give You a Weapon (In progress)
5.How to Pick Out a Mary-Sue (In progress)
6.Bad Slash and Male Pregnancies – Yes, They Can Happen (Complete)
7.Fandoms (In progress)
8.Canon and What Not to Do With It (In progress)
9.Cause and Effect – What Will Happen if You Break the Rules (In progress)
10.Time and Space – We Are Not Alone (In progress)
11.Retirement, Pay, Holidays, and Benefits (Complete)

Those of you familiar with the old Manual will note that several titles have remained, but there are also many new ones. You will also note that the number of volumes is down from twelve to eleven – this means that you have no excuse not to read all of them thoroughly.

A final note – several of our beta-readers have informed us that volume eleven is missing most of its content. This is not the case. It really is meant to be that short.

~The Sunflower Official, representing the Board of Flowers